Kverneland engineers designing durable agriculture equipment

By Jenn Schlegel

Growing up in Wisconsin, a state in the USA known pretty much for cheese and farming (and the Green Bay Packers, but then we would be completely off topic), well, I thought I knew all the brands of tractors and farm equipment. Until now, I must admit Kverneland and their tractors and farm equipment are news to me.

Needless to say, the Kverneland Group was very interested in reinforcing and branding durability, which is a good idea for farming equipment, of course. The challenge for Kverneland’s engineers is to design tough equipment that fulfills customers’ expectations. And since they sell their tractors to farmers all over the world, this wouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. There were numerous definitions of durability to consider when designing.

Kverneland Group durability testing using Simcenter testing solutions

This case study dives into the details of how the engineers at Kverneland overcame this issue. In short, they adopted a testing system consisting of Simcenter SCADAS Recorder hardware (formerly LMS SCADAS Recorder), Simcenter Testxpress and Simcenter Tecware software.

Simcenter SCADAS Recorder used for durability testing
Simcenter SCADAS Recorder used for durability testing

The Simcenter testing solutions helped the engineers validate different load scenarios and design realistic lifetime tests. Simcenter SCADAS Recorder (LMS SCADAS Recorder) and Simcenter Testxpress are used jointly to collect dynamic load data during field and laboratory tests, and Simcenter Tecware is used to streamline the process of consolidating load data and analyzing durability characteristics. It is a great read for anyone interested in more details about our testing durability solutions.

Read the complete Kverneland Group case study here

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