Simcenter powertrain testing at Automotive Testing Expo

Powertrain design is not an easy task. While we expect powerful cars, they also need to be fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. On top of this, we expect to feel comfortable in our cars, whic…

Introduction to Simcenter durability testing solutions

You’ve not seen all from Automotive Testing Expo 2017 yet . From the series of videos where our experts walk you through highlights of the show, follow Gert Frans today, as he explains the strengths …

Showing the LMS SCADAS XS at Automotive Testing Expo

These days passengers expect to feel comfortable in their cars. The bar is set high. As a result, there is an increasing need to check Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) during test drives. Enginee…

Durability testing

All about durability testing and engineering at your fingertips

Learn about durability testing and engineering from the basics. Understand fundamental behaviors of a system and its components to avoid product failure.

Making history with the Siemens eAircraft project at Le Bourget

“Le Bourget” as the French call the Paris International Air Show is one of the grand dames of the European air show circuit. The world’s oldest, it started in 1909 as an exhibit dedicated to “aerial …

LMS Test.Lab 17 – All you need to know

Discover the new features and enhacements that LMS Test.Lab 17 brings to you to increase the efficiecy of your physical testing activities.

One if by land..Day 2 of 2017 Quadfecta: Engineer Better Products with Simulation & Test event

2017 Quadfecta: Engineer Better Products with Simulation & Test event
Day two, Wednesday, August 16th
Registration is as easy as clicking here
By land, or by sea, nothing stops a…

Suspense been killing you? Wait no longer – the 2017 Quadfecta is here!

                         Get out of the heat and join us at the coolest engineering event of the summer

The sound of a legend: Lamborghini’s acoustic facility

amborghini’s acoustic facility has been expanded with new acoustic test room for prototype and pre-series vehicle development.