Live from Automotive Testing Expo Europe: what a show!

Exciting but exhausting times. We’ve spent the last days demonstrating our solutions on the Siemens stand (Hall 8 – Booth 8224). We got quite some attention from the audience, especially when showcas…

LMS Test.Lab becomes Simcenter Testlab

Going from LMS Test.Lab to Simcenter Testlab

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the evolution of LMS Test.Lab software becoming Simcenter Testlab, imbedded in the Simcenter portfolio.

Virtually Simulate Vehicle Pass-by Noise in an Inherently Controlled Environment

Sirens. Before you see the ambulance, you hear them, right? And then it increases as the ambulance comes close, passes by, and then fades away as the ambulance moves away, that’s the instantly recogn…

Airbus: priceless payloads ready for space launch

Read how Airbus relies on Simcenter for satellite testing campaigns and how they achieve remarkable time-saving process improvements before space launch.

Why is interior pass-by noise a promising solution for new vehicle noise regulations?

Learn how UTAC-CERAM in Linas-Montlhéry tackles the new vehicle noise regulations using interior pass-by noise testing procedures.

Innovative automatic transmissions by PUNCH Powerglide

How can an automatic transmission manufacturer tackle the challenges of keeping pace with rapid product innovation while expanding its footprint on the global market?
For PUNCH Powerglide,…

Leave your status quo, accelerate durability testing

Learn how combining actual measurements and statistics of a vehicle real-life usage can help to determine the correct road loads parameters to set accurate durability testing targets.

As smooth as gliding: glider flutter testing in practice

Recently, my colleague Al narrated how the Simcenter software was used for prediction of the flutter behavior of the innovative Perlan 2 glider. With Simcenter, truthful prediction of flutter behavio…

How Faurecia builds clean and long-lasting exhaust systems

Read about how Faurecia successfully design clean and long-lasting exhaust systems with RLDA enineering from Simcenter Testing Solutions.