Leave your status quo, accelerate durability testing

By Els Verlinden

Did you also watch the Game of thrones series? I read the books too. Twice. Good for almost 9.000 pages of incredible adventures and alternative notions of honor, loyalty, ambition.


The most quoted motto of this popular saga is with no doubt “Winter is coming” of House Stark. It is a warning to prepare for the unexpected, to remain cautious and alert as we’re never comfortable for too long.

The same applies for durability engineers. Technology evolves so quickly that holding on to traditional processes and methodologies actually equals standing still. I hear you thinking: “I’m doing well, my business is stable.” But can you keep up? Your customers are getting more demanding, and your competitors are always close. It requires an effort to keep moving forward, innovate, and search new solutions or methodologies. But it pays off!

Let’s take durability target setting. Traditionally, durability targets are based on realistic load data from public roads or proving ground. One specific vehicle is instrumented with a lot of channels and intensively measured over a couple of weeks. No need to say that this is time consuming and expensive. But also the customer relevance of such tests is very limited, since only one vehicle is measured. So, how do you engineer for a bumpy, washed-out road – and at the same time for a brand new eight-lane highway? 

At Siemens Digital Industries Software, we help customers to accelerate durability testing schedules. Our Simcenter durability testing solutions encompass all hardware and software tools for road load data acquisition and processing. It helps you measure right the first time and seamlessly deliver load data.

In addition, our Engineering experts can assist you to deploy a systematic approach to load data synthesis by mapping customer usage to condense durability test scenarios. Measuring only a limited number of influential parameters, the customer correlation durability methodology considers varying road conditions, multi-cultural driving habits, climate conditions and vehicle loading implications.

By combining actual measurements and accurate statistics that map the real-life usage of our customer’s vehicles, our solutions help you to determine the correct road loads parameters to set accurate durability testing targets for next-generation vehicles.

It is time to leave your status quo, because winter is coming. Register here for the on-demand webinar to accelerate durability testing and set realistic targets that match your customer usage profiles.

What you will learn:

  • Understand loads and damages
  • Create a realistic test schedule, representing the usage of your
  • Set accurate durability targets customers


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