Virtual THERMINIC 2020 – Siemens sponsors thermal conference

This year THERMINIC 2020, Europe’s premier electronics thermal event, devoted to thermal effects from ICs to electronics systems is going…

Simcenter Flotherm XT 2020.1 - Chip Array Detailed Thermal Model Generation

Simcenter Flotherm XT 2020.1: What’s new

Learn about the latest in Simcenter Flotherm XT 2020.1 – CAD centric electronics cooling software including enhancements to transient simulation and parametric studies, Chip Array detailed models in Simcenter Flotherm Package Creator and more

Design. Performance. Lifetime – Insights from Thermal Ohm’s Law

A blog on linkages between design, performance, and lifetime considering thermal Ohm’s law, thermal management of electronics and insight from Wendy Luiten

Using Water Cooling in Electronics Thermal Management

Water Cooling? Sounds intriguing, but can liquid cooling be an effective method for thermal management of a PC system? Short…

Are heat pipes any good for my CPU?

When researching improved heat sink design to cool a CPU in a model I am developing, a common theme I…

Utilizing CFD to analyze a PC Cooling System

Here it is! Inspired by my own PC cooling system, I have designed the PC case to be used in…

Creating a CPU from scratch

CPU created in Simcenter Flotherm Package Creator The most important component within a computer is the CPU. So when it…

PC cooling: CPU cooler CFD simulation

Is my PC too hot?

Well, it depends on how you are using the PC. I’m Baptista De Noronha, and this is my new PC….

Top 8 things I learned from mechanical engineers

In celebration of engineer’s week, I thought it would be nice to send a thank you to all mechanical engineers…