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Understanding helicopter cabin noise

Understanding helicopter cabin noise with a simple acoustic image

To decrease the helicopter cabin noise levels with more controlled approach, sound source localization technique offers a comprehensive solution.

André and Armand would have liked Simcenter system simulation solutions

A lot has changed since André Citroën and Armand Peugeot started making cars in 1919 and 1889 respectively. The car was still a concept when Armand Peugeot made four (!!!!) three-wheeled, steam-power…

Learn Simulation Best Practices, More at Quadfecta

How do you design products while balancing multiple engineering attributes in a single engineering environment? How can you take advantage of lightweight, high strength composites? And how do you und…

Femap 11.2.2 Release

Femap 11.2.2 Release

Femap version 11.2.2 is now available for download from the GTAC site.
Choose the Download and Upload Files option to access the SPLM Download Server. Then choose All Siemens Products, pick Femap…

Webinar series for jet engines

The requirements on efficiency, availability and emission for aircraft and energy gas turbines have never been more challenging. Siemens PLM Software offers many solutions that help differen…

Engineering that famous green and yellow quality? The secret is simulation at John Deere

There is something about a John Deere tractor. It certainly has personality. Maybe it is the familiar green color with those catchy yellow rims that make it instantly recognizable? Maybe you cut the …

Voith Turbo designs eco-friendly trains

Sebastian Schmid, development engineer at Voith Turbo explains how Simcenter Amesim supports rail vehicle hybridization at Voith Turbo.

Voith turbo thinks there is a great po…

Engineering is the key to realizing striking architectural designs

Engineering is the key to realizing striking architectural designs

Founded twenty-five years ago, Octatube is a Dutch engineering and manufacturing company that works closely with architects to help them realize their ideas. The challenges in developing new structur…

Webinars of the month – September/October 2015

Fundamentals of fatigue
On-demand webinar  
Fatigue is a typical phenomenon encountered during day-to-day usage of a product. This can however …