flame front in a hydrogen-powered gas turbine

Hydrogen-powered gas turbines are key to a low-carbon energy future

Discover how B&B-AGEMA are using CFD to design combustors, optimize monitoring equipment, and gain understanding into hydrogen combustion….

turbomachinery cfd simulation creates art in motion

Turbomachinery CFD simulation: art in motion

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What would win in a race, Ice Cream or Apple Sauce?

What would win in a race? Ice Cream or Apple Sauce? The answer isn’t as easy as you would first think….

Simcenter Testlab for testing

What is Simcenter Testlab? And what can I use it for?

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Don Miller Award - System Simulation

System Simulation: Don Miller Award Winners for Excellence in Thermo-Fluid Design

The winners of the Don Miller Award for Excellence in System Level Thermo-Fluid Design have been announced…

Combustion CFD with Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Combustion simulation – A cyclist’s guide to clean air with adaptive mesh refinement

While combustion simulation is my profession, cycling is my passion. Taking my daily exercise cycling…


Will your electronics survive an earthquake?

It’s a valid question. What if you could effectively verify the integrity of electronic assemblies…

Improving Hysteresis and Eddy Losses in Electric Machines

The prediction of iron losses is an important aspect of improving the overall efficiency of electric machines….

Five compelling reasons to run CFD simulations on the cloud

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