Exploring system simulation in the academic world Simcenter

How Simcenter system simulation is deployed in the academic world

Learn from your peers how are the latest engineering developments taught in the academic world with a special focus on system simulation?

leaning smiulation testing engineer

Jan Leuridan’s vision about educating the next engineers’ generation with testing and simulation

Discover with Jan Leuridan why testing and simulation should be part of universities’ programs for future engineers education?

Celebrating World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day – Inspiring the Minds of Tomorrow

Discover how Simcenter community gave young generation a complete view of the Simcenter high-tech world during a two-day tour

Can this little turbo-expander help save the planet?

A small British start-up uses cutting-edge engineering in air cycle refrigeration to improve engine efficiency Unlike most start-ups, Chris Whelan…

The Simcenter Amesim student edition gets revamped – download it!

Download the new Simcenter Amesim Student Edition will give your access to a new set of capabilities by using the…

simcenter academic free resources

Simcenter gives students and educators free training courses

Worldwide colleges and universities have sent students back home. In these situations, self and remote learning is the best (and…

E-Motion Rennteam Aalen develops electric race car using Simcenter

Formula Student is the world’s biggest competition for engineers developing race cars. As the competition is the ideal possibility to acquire design skills, Aalen University of Applied Science e…

Formula Student Siemens Digital Twin Engineering Excellence Award 2019

For the second time, at Formula Student Germany 2019, Siemens PLM Software is sponsoring the “FSG Siemens Digital Twin Engineering Excellence Award”. The award recognizes 3 teams which have used the …

3 Q&A with our interns: the fuel cell

In this first episode of our series of interview with our interns “3 Q&A with … ” Antoine explains us how, during his 6-month internship, he focused on the fuel cell topic which figures prominent…