Formula Student Siemens Digital Twin Engineering Excellence Award 2019

By TamaraEngel

For the second time, at Formula Student Germany 2019, Siemens PLM Software is sponsoring the “FSG Siemens Digital Twin Engineering Excellence Award”. The award recognizes 3 teams which have used the most professional, innovative and thoughtful ‘Digital Twin’ engineering practices.

A ‘Digital Twin’ is the concept of a digital, simulation-oriented representation of the product throughout the whole product lifecycle. It covers the earliest concept stages of the design to detailed design and on to fabrication, testing, operation and maintenance. It offers both, feed-forward and feed-back, between your comprehensive virtual model and your fabricated Formula Student racecar. Learn more about ‘Digital Twin’ concept!

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Show us that your team has relied on digital design and simulation models to cover the whole product lifecycle – from early ideas to meet your racecar goals and requirements, the functional and performance target-setting process, concept studies, design and verification by virtual testing and on into digitally-guided fabrication, testing, operation and maintenance. Additionally, demonstrate ongoing and efficient change, issue and problem management processes.

Electronics, electrical and software complexity, as well as aero efficiency become more relevant for modern vehicles. This is why we want you to consider topics such as ‘Digital Twin’ of the electronic and electrical distribution system and its associated wire-harness design, as well as the cooling and aero package design and CFD analysis.

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