UAV flying between buildings

HiL and realistic environment simulations for your UAV

For a UAV to fly safely, its autonomous flight functions and localization capabilities must be flawless. Read this blog to learn through a use case how to implement a HiL simulation framework into your development process.

Power electronics for electric aircraft

Power electronics in aerospace: megawatts need mega attention

The electrification of aircraft systems is more and more common to reach the sustainable aviation goal. Read this blog to understand the implication of power electronics and their impact on other components.

Simcenter Femap 2023

What’s New in Simcenter Femap in 2023

New Simcenter Femap releases in 2023 enhance your productivity and collaboration, add support for rotor dynamics, and streamline meshing processes.

How fast can you simulate a 45 MVA Power Transformer from production CAD import?

Simcenter 3D enables you to overcome CAD import bottlenecks in prepping an associative EMAG geometry. When combined with design rules through user-defined parameters, it is possible to automate a power transformer loss analysis workflow, that is responsive to design CAD changes.

Hydrogen: Charge your long-range Electric Vehicle in less than 5 minutes

Introduction One of the main constraints of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), especially the ones using large battery packs to reach…

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2306 Released! What’s new?

Go faster with GPU-enabled acceleration for an extended set of solvers. Find better designs faster with gradient-based parametric optimization. Tackle…

What’s New in Simcenter Mechanical 2306

Simcenter Mechanical solutions can help you conquer your engineering challenges. Read what’s new in the latest release of Simcenter 3D, Simcenter Tire, Simcenter MAGNET and the other Simcenter Mechanical products.

UAV flying in the sky

Advancing UAV technology and safety through digital twin simulation

Read this blog to discover how NIAR uses Simcenter Prescan to enable their UAV pilot-in-the-loop (PiL) simulations.

Siemens and Centrale Nantes to continue cutting-edge simulation research in SPH

Siemens signs an agreement to sponsor a multi-year Academic Chair for funding research activities with Centrale Nantes to continue its…