Power electronics for electric aircraft

Power electronics in aerospace: megawatts need mega attention

The electrification of aircraft systems is more and more common to reach the sustainable aviation goal. Read this blog to understand the implication of power electronics and their impact on other components.

How can you get better boundary condition inputs for your whole engine model?

As a whole engine model engineer, you need to ensure that your boundary condition inputs are of the highest fidelity. Read this blog to learn how the Simcenter simulation solutions can help you define an accurate performance of your whole engine model.

Realize Live Europe 2023 kicks off with a bang!

Munich was definitely the place to be today. Realize Live Europe 2023 officially started and did not disappoint.

SPDM with Teamcenter Simulation enables simulation to drive design by keeping BOMs synchronized

Don’t get left behind: syncing CAD and CAE BOMs with Teamcenter Simulation SPDM

PLM-based SPDM with Teamcenter Simulation means your CAD and CAE BOMs and data are stored in the same database. That makes it easy to keep simulation and test activities in sync with design progress, and ensure they deliver useful and relevant insight

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2306 Released! What’s new?

Go faster with GPU-enabled acceleration for an extended set of solvers. Find better designs faster with gradient-based parametric optimization. Tackle…

UAV flying in the sky

Advancing UAV technology and safety through digital twin simulation

Read this blog to discover how NIAR uses Simcenter Prescan to enable their UAV pilot-in-the-loop (PiL) simulations.

Seagle fights wildfires faster, safer and more precise

Discover how the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio is enabling the development of Roadfour’s Seagle, the most advanced amphibious firefighting aircraft.

Join us for the Simcenter simulation conference at Realize LIVE Munich and build your engineering knowledge

Five reasons to join the leading simulation conference 1. Tracks dedicated to your engineering simulation challenges We have three tracks…

vehicle systems engineering with MBSE

Unlocking innovation in vehicle systems engineering with MBSE 

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides the tools to manage the spiraling complexity of vehicle systems engineering in the rapidly developing EV market.