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Spend 2 days with us for designing more modern products!

Participate to the upcoming Quadfecta seminar series in the Boston area and have a unique chance to attend four great engineering seminars the 22nd and 23rd of March!
They cover the m…

Webinars of the month – January/February

Introduction to durability
On-demand webinar  
Fatigue is a typical phenomenon encountered during day-to-day usage of a product. This can however be avoide…

Kverneland Group Kerteminde AS (Kverneland Group)

Kverneland engineers designing durable agriculture equipment

Growing up in Wisconsin, a state in the USA known pretty much for cheese and farming (and the Green Bay Packers, but then we would be completely off topic), well, I thought I knew all the brands of t…

Advanced Nonlinear Memory Management

For users of SOL 601 Advanced Nonlinear, especially with large models, you might want to try the following settings to more efficiently allocate main memory for the solver.
The reason…

How to Create Fast and Efficient CAE Workflows – Webinar

Fast and efficient CAE workflows do more than just increase your productivity. They’ll make your job more enjoyable as well. No one likes to spend more time than they have to on a task, and in fact, …

Dreaming of a white Christmas – Season’s Greetings

When George Michael hits your radio five times a day, you know it’s there: Christmas time. I don’t relate to his lyrics. I did not give my heart to anyone last Christmas. And if I would have, I since…

wind turbine

Let there be wind – Regulations in the energy sector

Wind turbines can provide green alternative energy, but they must be tested before generating wind power. Read how Aeroacoustics, together with Simcenter do this.

A goldmine for the next generation

The Simcenter Amesim Student Edition has been released a few weeks ago. Check out how you can use Simcenter Amesim as an ideal way to start innovating, and how other schools and students are benefiti…

Reaching ultra-low fuel consumption

Lots of things have changed since Toyota launched that first hybrid Prius back in the late 1990s. Today, thanks to a variety of factors from generous Norwegian government subsidies to a certain scand…