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Femap 12: preview of new custom tools

With the Femap version 12 release fast approaching, there are a lot of new capabilities coming that we’ve been reviewing over the last few weeks. As well as new functionality built in to the program …

Ducati Corse MotoGP

Ready for Silverstone! Ducati Racing Team on track

Read about how J. Lorenzo scored a victory in the Austrian Grand Prix, racing for the Ducati Racing Team with the help of Simcenter tools for their bikes.

Femap 12: preview of newly supported solver capabilities

The new release of Femap – version 12 – is coming up soon, so let’s take a look at the new solver updates included in the release. Version 12 will include support for multi-step nonlinear solutions, …

Many physical domains and applications in one system simulation tool

Many simulation tools exist. But a lot of them are mainly dedicated to a single physical domain: fluids, electrics, mechanics or thermal, for instance. Others are more dedicated to an application suc…

Not in my backyard! How annoying is wind turbine noise?

Although everybody is in favor of clean and green energy, turbines are perceived as a noise polutor, but is this really so? Learn more here.

Femap 12: preview of new postprocessing capabilities

The new release of Femap – version 12 – is approaching fast, so let’s take a look at what’s new regarding postprocessing enhancements.
You can interactively adjust criteria limits using a slider …


After much deliberation, I recently purchased a new car. 
As is always the case in these things, my buying decision was heavily influenced by a charming and enthusiastic sales guy, wh…

Wanna save some energy?

In the high-speed rollercoaster of automotive engineering today, one thing is about as certain as taxes: energy efficiency will remain a top priority for all OEMs venturing to stay in the race. No ma…

NEW Agenda Ground Vibration Testing Masterclass on F16

New speakers confirmed – New GVT cases will be presented.
Be quick and register to this unique learning opportunity.
Confirmed participations from major aircraft OEMs EU, Israël, Japan, Kore…