What’s new in Simcenter Embedded Software Designer 17

We are pleased to introduce version 17 of Simcenter Embedded Software Designer. The solution enables architecture-driven software design and moves the state-of-the-art in model-based software engineering closer towards managing the industrial complexity of software development.

“Simcenter Embedded Software Designer extends the Siemens MBSE strategy to domain solutions for software engineering,” said Vincent Braibant, Vice-President MBSE Strategy, Simulation and Test Solutions at Siemens PLM Software.

Simcenter-Embedded-Software-Designer1.jpegThe automotive industry is challenged by the complexity of vehicles becoming “digital devices on wheels” in the context of mobility as a service and self-driving vehicles, increased variability and shortened development cycles, including over-the-air updates, improved quality and distributed development processes. Automotive companies are revisiting their software engineering toolchains to address collaboration issues and streamline their portfolio of applications for more integration.

This is where Simcenter Embedded Software Designer brings value.

As a software architecture design solution, Simcenter Embedded Software Designer extends the definition of the architecture models coming from standard system modelers to create executable contracts frontloading and enforcing specifications for the implementation, integration, validation and deployment steps. As such, Simcenter Embedded Software Designer supports upfront analysis and verification of the architecture consistency and interfaces. It also facilitates integration after implementation and automates unit and integration testing. Consistency throughout the design process, distributed implementation over different tools and internal and external suppliers, and validation of performance with SIL testing are enforced.

Moreover, Simcenter Embedded Software Designer offers bidirectional traceability with Polarion ALM and potentially other ALM tools as well as automated test result reporting and communication between all the stakeholders.

Simcenter Embedded Software Designer 17 is now available


The latest release comes with an open approach towards software implementation, extending the use of software architecture one step further. This enables users to directly generate implementation template in form of C-shell or MATLAB Simulink model for software implementation.

The new release also strengthens the re-use of the existing legacy code, at the architecture design level by enabling the easy extract and instrumentation of software architecture from C-code, and at implementation level by verifying the consistency of existing legacy code with contracts.


To sum up, Simcenter Embedded Software Designer 17 will help you unlock architectures and increase re-use by offering features that are easy to use and incorporate in your existing process. Therefore, you can make better-informed decisions much earlier in the development cycle.


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