Xcelerator Technology Innovation Awards

Shoutout to Students: Win €1000!

Win €1000 gift card in local currency: nominate your student project(s) in the Young Minds for Innovative Design category by 31st October!

Xcelerator Technology Innovation Awards for Simcenter Simulation and Test

Announcing the Siemens Xcelerator Technology Innovation Awards for Simcenter Simulation and Test

The premier engineering contest for Simcenter, the program celebrates the best use of simulation and test technologies for innovative design.

Simcenter at Realize LIVE

80+ on-demand sessions: customers and industry experts, discussing engineering challenges and solutions at our Simulation & Test Conference.

Solve engineering puzzles with Simcenter

The best way to solve engineering puzzles

Use Simcenter portfolio of the best predictive simulation and test tools to solve difficult engineering puzzles. Watch our brand new video!

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4!

Violins, pool and marathon running. Keen on a game of pool?  Enjoy listening to a finely tuned violin?  Marvelled at…

Simcenter Embedded Software Designer at MODPROD 2019

One year ago we released our very first version of Simcenter Embedded Software Designer.
What better way to share the milestone than meeting you face-to-face at MODPROD in Sweden&nbsp…

How software architecture can secure your software development

This article is in continuation of my previous writing on the importance of software architecture and how it can potentially help you avoid Jenga lifecycle. If you have not checked that one out yet, …

Visit Siemens PLM Software at Embedded Conference Scandinavia

This year, Siemens PLM Software will take part in the “Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2018 (ECS)” fair in Stockholm/Sweden on 6 and 7 November 2018. Over the years, the ECS has become the meeting pl…

Software architecture to the rescue of Jenga lifecycle

You have probably heard this analogy already. Let me explain for those who haven’t. The game Jenga involves removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. Each block removed is t…