A man wearing a suit in a factory looks at laptop screen, highlighting the need for customized PLM solutions.

The power of customized PLM

In an era where efficiency, agility and innovation are the keys to competitive advantage, customized PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) has emerged…

A shelf holding several jars of nuts, bolts and screws. Searching for parts can be a cumbersome and time-consuming, like sifting through jars of old bolts looking for the right one.

How much time do you spend searching for parts?

Imagine repairing your lawn mower’s Briggs & Stratton engine and discovering a cracked 1/4-20 bolt. You dump out the old…

A 3D CAD cutaway of the inside of a jigsaw designed in Solid Edge software leveraging a custom plugin.

Build a Solid Edge plugin in 5 steps

Siemens 3D CAD software Solid Edge allows developers to extend its functionality by creating plugins. These plugins offer customized features,…

Dancers are silhouetted on stage by bright, colorful lights at Converge.

Reconnecting with partners at AP Converge

After Converge being a virtual event for the last two years, it was exciting to meet our partners face to…

MedXD logo with the slogan "Medtech Meets Digital"

Medtech meets digital at IVD conference

In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and medical technology product manufacturers, notified bodies, industry associations and standardization organizations will meet at MEDXD on…

Onboarding strategy impacts employee retention

Job openings are near an all-time high, according to the Washington Post, allowing job seekers to be pickier about the…

rocket launched flying into space

Partners team up for out-of-this-world results  

Better together: a partnership built on trust and dedication to customer success deliver more comprehensive digital solutions

man touching digital screen of checkmark in a circle

Where are you in your digitalization efforts?

Six out of ten medium-sized companies in Germany aim to make progress in digitization, according to a 2021 bitkom survey….

picture of laptop screen open to portal landing page

Three digitalization roadblocks to avoid

New digitization projects are emerging faster and faster in all areas of business and government – but according to surveys,…