Where are you in your digitalization efforts?

By Martin Anliker

Six out of ten medium-sized companies in Germany aim to make progress in digitization, according to a 2021 bitkom survey. Their primary focus is on the processes from new product development through manufacturing and assembly to commissioning. But when and where do the measurements begin? Which is the most worthwhile investment? How do you arrive at a promising digitization strategy?

One proven approach begins with an analysis of the business processes along the value chain. Experienced consultants conduct interviews with managers and employees in all areas and thus track down the sticking points in the processes. In many companies, the search for valid data, missing product information and documentation hinders processes. Just as often, media disruptions lead to incorrect entries, inconsistencies and a lack of traceability.

The analysis of business processes shows the results after a short evaluation phase and thus saves time and money. The results reveal where value creation could be better supported. In the next step, priorities must be set, and the maturity levels defined which is done according to neutral criteria that apply in the respective industry, thus enabling a comparison with other companies in the industry.

In company-specific workshops, the measures against digitalization gaps are planned and further specified, solutions are designed and evaluated based on the expected return on investment. In this way, the company receives a neutral assessment of its current position which leads to the development of a strategy. After a few days of consulting services, the foundations for a digitization strategy are laid, which can be implemented in steps that build on each other.

As a long-standing platinum level Siemens Digital Industries Software partner, BCT has supported medium-sized companies for over 20 years as a computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management (PLM) specialist providing software solutions and services. BCT is a recognized Expert partner for its specializations in NX, Teamcenter and Polarion all of which are part of the Xcelerator portfolio.

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