High tech mold and tooling machinery in action

Mold design software isn’t a carton of milk

Across the world, tooling companies are making a tough choice: to continue designing molds the way they are now or…

4 productivity killers in die design

Die shops across North America understand that their survival depends on their efficiency, especially when it comes to tooling design…

Simulation interface of Circulate software depicting airborne particle spread in a building.

Simulate airborne disease spread in digital twin solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed critical weaknesses in preparation and mitigation tactics for airborne infectious diseases. One weakness, for example, is…

MedXD logo with the slogan "Medtech Meets Digital"

Medtech meets digital at IVD conference

In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and medical technology product manufacturers, notified bodies, industry associations and standardization organizations will meet at MEDXD on…

Perform load analysis with real-world results

There are more forces at work than just pulling when hauling a trailer. The load on the towing vehicle is…

computer monitor showing design software

ELISE brings algorithmic modeling to NX

A low-code generative engineering platform accelerates product development The traditional product development process is notoriously time-intensive. Engineers often have specific…

rocket launched flying into space

Partners team up for out-of-this-world results  

Better together: a partnership built on trust and dedication to customer success deliver more comprehensive digital solutions

man touching digital screen of checkmark in a circle

Where are you in your digitalization efforts?

Six out of ten medium-sized companies in Germany aim to make progress in digitization, according to a 2021 bitkom survey….

announcement banner for the acquisition between software partners: PROLIM acquires Edge PLM

Partnering with partners expands capabilities and creates new markets

An interview from a digital transformation leader on leveraging partnerships.