Three digitalization roadblocks to avoid

By Kevin Morbach

New digitization projects are emerging faster and faster in all areas of business and government – but according to surveys, progress remains slow. Why do good ideas for new products and services, efficient processes and digital interaction fail? How do you accelerate digitization?

Regardless of whether corporate or government organizations want to bring new ideas and products to market faster, automate processes efficiently, or digitize interaction with customers and employees, they are thwarted by three primary digitization problems:

  1. IT management does not have the capacity to comprehensively design and plan the multitude of emerging digitization projects and to maintain control over project progress
  2. The possibilities for transferring the necessary application knowledge of the specialist departments into requirements and specifications and bringing it into implementation without loss are too limited
  3. The more extensive and powerful the already existing IT solutions with their indispensable data silos are, the more tenacious and inflexible they are in the face of new requirements and processes

Siemens Digital Industries Software solution partner Conmatix Engineering Solutions GmbH (a member of the d.u.h. Group) has not only identified these three digitalization challenges in numerous projects but has also found an effective remedy with the low-code software platform Mendix. An approach that shortens development times to a tenth, relieves the IT by integrating the specialist domains and integrates external systems including data sources. Want to see what benefits companies have while using Mendix? Check out what Conmatix can do for its customers.

The d.u.h.Group is an innovative solution provider focusing on engineering and digitalization. With the versatile d.u.h.Group solutions, medium-sized companies can leverage digitalization of the entire value chain from the product development process to production using Siemens software solutions to improve their product lifecycle management business.

Kevin Morbach leads marketing and business development at CAE Innovative Engineering GmbH identifying new business areas, developing them, and maintaining sustainable partnerships and business relationships. His core markets include engineering, software, services, additive manufacturing and digitalization as well as digital transformation.

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