Evaluate the energetic performance of a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle with system simulation

Evaluate the energetic performance of a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle with system simulation

Learn how Simcenter Amesim system simulation can help you to evaluate the energetic performance of a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle.

The role of simulation and testing in automotive. Get ready to transform the development process to make it fit for the future.

The evolution of vehicle performance engineering in the electrical age

New technology needs new processes. Find the driving forces to transform the vehicle development process and make it fit for the future.

Side-mirror Aeroacoustics CFD

Noise cancelation gone too far!

Did you know that only about 25% of consumers consider how noisy a product is as a buying decision? But…

Thermal Management Systems for EVs

Lessons from the trenches: Thermal Management Systems for Electric Vehicles

Guest blogging from CSEG, Sudhi lets us in on his lessons learnt from his experiences on Thermal Management Systems of Electric Vehicles

EMAG CHT CFD Simulation E-machine

E-machine cooling simulation, the easy way

Modeling the complexity of electric motor cooling from electromagnetics to conjugate heat transfer is an engineering challenge. Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2022.1 will offer a streamlined workflow across engineering domains enabling engineers to go faster and focus on what matters: exploring engineering possibilities

SimRod test bench durability

SimRod experience: From Belgian blocks to vehicle durability testing (part 4)

Learn how to accelerate long-duration measurements and create a vehicle durability testing schedule for test benches with a real example.

tire illustration

Electrification: the new “pressure” on tire manufacturers

With cars becoming fully electric, new challenges arise. Learn about electrification, TPA, and system NVH prediction for tire development.

Hyundai sound adds another dimension to the brand's personality

How KIA EV6 inspires your senses with active sound design

Sound design is integrally part of the driving experience in electrified vehicles. In hybrid cars, sound design technology can acoustically cancel…

Gear and order cut

Gear meshing and gear deformation produce noise, but how do you prevent it?

In this blog we explain how Simcenter can help you reduce the noise created by poor gear meshing.