Siemens presence at NAFEMS World Congress, Tampa FL (May 15-18)

By Christina Kothlow and Ravi_Shankar

NAFEMS, the international association for the engineering modeling, analysis and simulation community, is holding its world congress in Tampa, May 15-18. Siemens is once again proud to sponsor this global event and we look forward to meeting you there!

Our sponsor presentation is titled “Enhancing product design with simulation, optimization, and workflow integration – examples from industry” brings together 2 engaging presentations and a panel discussion.

Dan Mekker from Siemens Energy will outline their journey to successfully meeting challenging customer product needs with short time-to-market solutions, through the use of advanced product design methodologies like multi-discipline optimization and seamless dataflow – all enabled by powerful software tools including Simcenter, NX, HEEDS, and Teamcenter.

Max Dixon, Senior Applied Sciences Engineer Crux Product Design, will then share some examples of how they are using advanced simulation tools and design exploration methods to arrive at innovative solutions for consumer products and medical applications.

We will follow these presentations with an engaging panel discussion with our speakers, moderated by S. Ravi Shankar, Director Simcenter Marketing, where we explore challenges in implementing such strategies, how to overcome them and the impact of emerging technologies such as AI/ML.

We also have a strong set of presentations in the general sessions:

  • CFD Co-Simulation Methodology for Modeling Transient Brake Cooling Simulations – Harshad Kulkarni
  • Electric Vehicle NVH Design: Design space exploration of Battery Pack / Body in White Integration – Mark Lamping
  • Simulation Knowledge Management – Daniel Berger
  • Multi-Disciplinary Simulation of Automotive Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Thermal Performance – Aaron Godfrey
  • A Digital Design Methodology to Optimize a Continuous Casting Tundish based on Integrated Fluid-Thermal-Structural Analysis – Christian Windisch
  • Fast Digital Twins: a cornerstone for the Industrial Metaverse – Stefan Boschert
  • GPU Accelerated Computational Aeroacoustics modelling for prediction of side-mirror noise – Fred Ross
  • Methodology for E-Drive NVH assessment demonstrated on an industrial use case – Jonas Verhoogen
  • Template supported design process for wiper applications to predict wipe quality – Jonas Verhoogen
  • Support the Certification by Analysis process of Aircraft Seats with a FAA Hybrid III ATD virtual authoritative source of truth database – Daniel Berger
  • Electric drive virtual development and multi-physics integration – Benoit Magneville
  • Efficient simulation strategies for battery thermal management – Benoit Magneville
  • Implementing Simulation Process and Data Management in an MBSE context: A day in the life of an analyst – S. Ravi Shankar
  • Improved accuracy of virtual prototypes through physical test correlation and design space exploration methods – Mark Lamping
  • FE-based virtual DMAs for characterization of viscoelastic behavior in composite materials – Kennedy Neves
  • Exploring unknown unsafe scenarios for ADAS and AV development – Akshay Sheorey

Catch these presentations and come meet our speakers at the Siemens booth. Experience Simcenter demonstrations in action! Look forward to seeing you there!

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