Engineer working on a computer

How to batch solve using Simcenter Flotherm

Batch mode solving is integral part of an automated workflow and the most efficient way to study a number of design trade-offs. Learn more…..

NASCAR Cup Champion Chase Elliott

Foot on the Xcelerator: Simcenter helps Hendrick Motorsports win the NASCAR Cup

Find out how Simcenter helped Chase Elliott claim Hendirck Motorsports’ 13th NASCAR Championship…

Simcenter Flotherm ΔTJ Award

Simcenter Flotherm ΔTJ Award Winners

The winners of the Simcenter Flotherm ΔTJ (DeltaTj) Award for Excellence in Electronics Thermal Design have been announced…

The Scale-Resolving Hybrid (SRH) Turbulence Model

“When I meet God, I am going to ask him two questions: Why relativity? And…

Delorean aerodynamics - A Back to the Future tribute

Delorean Aerodynamics – A Back to the Future tribute

Could the Delorean really fly? How bad was it’s aerodynamics? In honour of Back to the Future day, we answer with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software from Siemens….

Two plates of a plate heat exchanger

CFD for Design Engineers: The joy of straightforward engineering

Read about the features in Simcenter FLOEFD that makes CFD for Design Engineers a joy and remarkably straightforward to use….

Volume mesh on aircraft fuel tank with CAD preparation in Simcenter STAR-CCM+

5 Steps to prepare CAD for CFD Simulation…The Easy Way!

“If you want to go far, go together. If you want to go fast, go…

Grab a coffee and catch up on marine CFD!

Learn how marine CFD is being used for hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, propulsion and… dolphins?…

Ship design with CFD on AWS cloud

How to run 55 ship designs in 45 mins with CFD on AWS?

Ship design with CFD simulations on the cloud has never been easier or faster…