Simcenter at the IESF Automotive Conference 2022

By Els Verlinden

IESF is back!

Electric vehicles and autonomous driving are bringing unprecedented transformations to the world of mobility. As well as producing unique challenges in electrical, electronic, and software design, modern vehicles’ need for semiconductors are growing.  

To keep up with this rapid technology evolution, manufacturers need to invest wisely. Well, there is good news: the IESF Automotive Conference is back! The conference will be held in person for the first time since 2019.

The free-to-attend Siemens event is aimed at striking free-flowing conversations with automotive industry professionals around the challenges presented and how to overcome them. This year’s event is being held on September 14 in Plymouth, Detroit, USA. 

What’s the IESF? I’m glad you asked! 

Mentor graphics formed the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum in 2000 to bring together the global automotive engineering community with a special focus on electrical and electronic systems. After Siemens acquired Mentor Graphics in 2017, Siemens Digitial Industries Software took on the organization of the event.

2 keynote speeches to inspire you to accelerate digital transformation 

The Keynote speaker for IESF 2022 is Larry Burns, a consultant who advises organizations on the future of mobility, logistics, manufacturing, energy, and innovation. He was Vice President of Research & Development and Planning at General Motors for over a decade, as well as a Professor of Engineering Practice at the University of Michigan, and Director of the Program for Sustainable Mobility at Columbia University. His current clients include Goodyear, Kitston & Partners, Niron Magnetics, and Namoramic Laboratories. 

The 2nd keynote will be Tony Hemmelgarn, the CEO of Siemens Digital Industries Software. He will talk about ‘Driving the future of industry’ and will elaborate on how to accelerate digital transformation and drive innovation to evolve and adapt more quickly. 

4 technical sessions to open your mind and connect the dots  

The role of simulation and testing in accelerating product development and reducing prototyping costs has never been more critical. There are brilliant speakers in the lineup for this year’s version of the IESF conference. From APTIV, Lear, LEONI, Yazaki, IBM, Navistar, General Motors, and many more!  

A combination of customer presentations and Siemens experts will shed light on how the Simcenter portfolio is supporting the automotive industry in addressing key challenges to Vehicle electrification and autonomous drive, E/E system development, Accelerated product development, and Software & systems engineering.  

Simcenter in the spotlight  

Let’s look at the 1st technical track on Vehicle electrification and autonomous drive. It starts with 2 Siemens industry expert speeches followed by more technical sessions in the afternoon.  

Puneet Sinha, Director of New Mobility at Siemens Digital Industries software, will talk about key challenges and how to address these for battery engineering, manufacturing, and vehicle integration. This offers suppliers and OEMs to commercialize cheaper, safer, and more energy-dense batteries.  

Gwen Van Vugt, Sr. Director of Autonomous Vehicles at Siemens Digital Industries Software, will outline an executable vision to bring autonomy to vehicles. He will emphasize the need for having a well-integrated and flexible engineering tooling framework to ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency for all possible scenarios that can be encountered in real-world driving.  

There are then 3 different tracks to choose from in the afternoon: 

E-powertrain engineering 

  • E-powertrain architecture generative engineering
  • Accelerating Li-ion cell and pack design with simulation 
  • Energy management 

AV sensors to system engineering 

  • AV sensors performance and validation 
  • AV sensors hardware design and vehicle integration 
  • AV data collection 

Vehicle engineering 

  • Challenges of developing electric vehicles 
  • EMI/EMC: a critical roadblock for electric and autonomous vehicles 
  • Reducing the prototyping cost of electric vehicles 

Each session will be presented by automotive OEMs and suppliers or Simcenter experts, giving insights into their real-world applications of Simcenter. For anything not already covered, there will be a Q&A at the end of each session.

Are you also interested in E/E System Development? Read this blog to see what our Capital colleagues have rolled up their sleeves at the IESF automotive conference.  

Meet your peers and share ideas 

IESF 2022 isn’t only about hearing from the experts in these sessions. Next to a can’t-miss line-up of keynotes, panels, workshops, and technical sessions, the conference would be nothing without all the delegates. With around 1,000 people from all over the world expected to attend, it’s a fantastic networking opportunity for connecting with your peers and sharing thoughts and ideas about the industry. 

As well as a dedicated networking session at the end of the day, there are regular coffee breaks throughout, along with both breakfast and lunch, so there will be plenty of chances to catch up with old acquaintances and make new ones.  

The conference is completely free to attend. All you need to do is register and get to Detroit on September 14. For full details, including hotel information, visit the conference website

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