V8 on my mind

Memories of a n ICE guy

Diesel is just not a proper propulsion system at all, downsizing is a crime, and anyways, no direct injection engine is a real engine, it has to be naturally aspirated…or do I recall that wrong?…

The shaded magnetic field plot of an EV type motor in Simcenter MAGNET 2020.1

Saving Your Permanent Magnets From Demagnetization

Electric machine permanent magnets may be susceptible to demagnetization. This can be prevented and safeguards may be placed during early design phases….

Improving Hysteresis and Eddy Losses in Electric Machines

The prediction of iron losses is an important aspect of improving the overall efficiency of electric machines….

Using Simcenter Motorsolve

6 Things YNTK About Simcenter MAGNET & Motorsolve 2020.1

Improvements in demagnetization predictions, simulation of bus bars and loss exports for thermal analysis….

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4!

Violins, pool and marathon running. Keen on a game of pool?  Enjoy listening to a…

10 weeks and counting…

There are now over 160 speakers committed to present their engineering innovations at the Simcenter Conference this December.   
A…is for Airbus, discussing their air condition……

Developing Novel Design Paradigms for Traction Motors using Simcenter Products

Automotive manufacturers are facing tremendous challenges for developing the next generation of motors for hybrid and electric powertrains. They are operating in markets driven by a number of factors……

Keeping Traction Motors as “Cool as a Cucumber”

How are cucumber slices placed on the eyes during makeup analogous to motor cooling? The makeup reaction that raises the eyes’ temperature can be seen as the motor loading to meet a certain torque de……

Simcenter community: Welcome Mentor Mechanical Analysis users on board!

As a valued Mechanical Analysis user, we would like to welcome you to the Simcenter Communities page!
This is an essential source of information where you can get the latest news ……