What would win in a race, Ice Cream or Apple Sauce?

What would win in a race? Ice Cream or Apple Sauce? The answer isn’t as easy as you would first think.

Don Miller Award - System Simulation

System Simulation: Don Miller Award Winners for Excellence in Thermo-Fluid Design

The winners of the Don Miller Award for Excellence in System Level Thermo-Fluid Design have been announced

Where does electricity come from to power your electric car?

Where does electricity come from to power your electric cars?

The plug! Perhaps there is more to it than this.

Mountains aren’t just funny, they’re hill areas! – Foehn Effect

With the ski season fully underway, I thought this would be a good time to turn our attention to mountains, specifically the effects of weather in the Alps and what causes the warming and drying of air. This is something that skiers, snowboarders and residents of mountainous regions should be familiar with.

Why is ketchup so difficult?

We’ve all been there… a beautiful summer’s day, burger in hand and then the great tradition starts of trying to…

Slime modeling and why you should care

What makes slime gooey, slippery and slimy? Slime is considered to be a viscoelastic substance, this means that it exhibits…

Python and Simcenter Flomaster – Make your own apps

Simulation software, has traditionally been the domain of the experts, however more recently simulation has been extended to the wider…

What’s New in Simcenter Flomaster 2019.3

Simcenter Flomaster 2019.3 is the latest release that introduces some significant new capabilities.  Visco-elastic behavior for polymer pipes Polymer pipes…

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4!

Violins, pool and marathon running. Keen on a game of pool?  Enjoy listening to a finely tuned violin?  Marvelled at…