Keeping vehicle ADAS clean in harsh operating conditions

Water management performed earlier in the design phase to improve ADAS …

Prevention via CFD is the best engineers’ medicine

A simulation-based approach to guarantee safety towards a 25% productivity increase for a gas extraction field …

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4!

Violins, pool and marathon running. Keen on a game of pool?  Enjoy listening to a…

energy management optimization for VDL zero emission buses

Using Simcenter solutions for energy management optimization on electric bus

Aiming for zero-emissions buses When thinking of switching to electric bus, the transition can sound…

An overview on hydrogen fuel cells and their modeling: (almost) all you need to know.

An overview on hydrogen technologies, fuel cells and 3D modeling of this complex technology and its challenges….

Wärtsilä create a digital twin using Simcenter

Wärtsilä propulsion’s digital twin creates fuel-efficient propeller designs.

One company leading the way in the use of the digital twin is Wärtsilä propulsion….

Exciting Days

The 7th November 1940 was a particularly bad day to cross the Tacoma Narrow Bridge….

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2019.3: Hidden in Plain Sight? Not Anymore – 3D-CAD Search Tool

In the 1980s film A View to Kill, wealthy industrialist Maximillian “Max” Zorin (played by…

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2019.3: Simulate In-Cylinder Combustion

Perform combustion simulations with the Simcenter STAR-CCM+ In-Cylinder Solution….