Looking under the hood: AGCO finds superior performance and safety through STAR-CCM+ simulation

Agricultural vehicles increasingly have to provide a comfortable and safe working environment for operators, some of whom will spend their entire working day inside a cabin. AGCO, a worldwide manufac…

Simcenter 3D 12: Simulation to Drive Design Direction

More efficient and accurate simulations in support of performance engineering
Today we’re proud to announce the latest release of Simcenter 3D which is available for download now. This la…

Realistic Combustion Simulation with STAR-CCM+ v12.06

When I started in this field more than 12 years ago, combustion CFD simulations were typically done using CPU inexpensive approaches such as eddy break-up or flamelet combustion models with RANS. The…

High fidelity combustion simulations drive down emissions

Here in the UK, we are not known for large amounts of sunshine but this summer was the greenest ever for energy, largely driven by the huge growth in the number of solar and wind farms.  Between…

Durability testing

All about durability testing and engineering at your fingertips

Learn about durability testing and engineering from the basics. Understand fundamental behaviors of a system and its components to avoid product failure.

Introducing the Simcenter Sound Camera

Jeroen Lanslots is Product Manager and responsible for Simcenter Sound Camera, a release in the Sound Source Localization (SSL) family. Here is a short interview about it.

Simcenter SCADAS Maintenance – Why you should do it

Gathering reliable data fast and easy is a strong competitive advantage in the simulation-test world and an absolute trademark for us as a company. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of time and energ…

Simcenter SCADAS Satellite lifts up durability testing

Simcenter SCADAS Satellite is a data acquisition system designed for complex durability testing campaigns requesting high-channel-count.


Talk about: Simcenter Testlab Jury Testing

No one likes to talk more about a product than the Product Managers themselves. Agnieszka Oltarzewska introduces Simcenter Testlab Jury Testing, the software that allows to collect subjective opinions on a sound of a product.