Dig where you stand with our new digging force model

My former manager used to say: “dig where you stand” when I was trying to improve the entire company’s processes….

Construction equipment noise levels reduction

Construction equipment noise levels: How to meet regulations

Learn how Siemens Simcenter portfolio provides test-based engineering solutions to tackle construction equipment noise levels reduction.

Simcenter in the AGCO Picture

With its global footprint, AGCO has pursued a design-anywhere, build-anywhere strategy in tandem with a platform product architecture. Founded in 1990, AGCO has grown dramatically through a series of…

Reach 50% efficiency of your heavy equipment large engines with system simulation

Fit with total cost of ownership objectives complying with emissions regulations
Even if we are currently hearing a lot about electrification, off-road machines remain mainly powered by the interna…

Doosan – Improving the energy efficiency of excavators

I promised in my previous post that there would be customers interview coming soon… Well here’s the first one of many!
Right before kick-off of the Simcenter Conference, we made a trip to …

Webinar – Designing Electrified Heavy Equipment with system simulation

“A host of car companies, countries, and localities are proclaiming they will no longer accommodate cars with internal combustion engines. They will either not build them or not let them drive in the…

Webinar: Optimize heavy equipment operability and productivity

Faster, lighter and more durable
Simcenter portfolio helps you address the increasing complexity in heavy equipment operability and efficiency optimization  
For a heavy equipm…

Optimize fuel economy and energy management

Optimize fuel economy and energy management
Are you making the right decisions for energy management?
… Hydraulics optimization … idle time reduction … machine electrification … engine optimi…

Simcenter SCADAS Satellite lifts up durability testing

Simcenter SCADAS Satellite is a data acquisition system designed for complex durability testing campaigns requesting high-channel-count.