Webinar – Designing Electrified Heavy Equipment with system simulation

By Adele Dolique

“A host of car companies, countries, and localities are proclaiming they will no longer accommodate cars with internal combustion engines. They will either not build them or not let them drive in their area of control. But what about heavy-duty vehicles that handle construction, cement mixing, timber harvesting, and lifting or digging?”

This is the question that a journalist of the web magazine Machine Design asked experts from the off-highway vehicles and equipment industry. (Ref.1 – read the full article: Are Off-Highway Equipment and Heavy-Duty Trucks Going All-Electric Soon?)

The conclusion we can draw from after reading this article is that yes off-highway and construction equipment players must consider that machine electrification is something to think about and have in their product development strategy (or roadmap).

Here at Siemens Digitales Industries Software we think that it’s a reflection that needs to occur early in the product design development cycle to define the best systems architecture of your machine while balancing your attributes such as fuel efficiency, productivity, or autonomy. 

System simulation a key element to support your machine electrification

System simulation can support you in predicting the performance of your electrified systems as early as possible in the design process. Romain Nicolas, during an on-demand webinar, first gives some insight about the industrial context and this methodology. Secondly, he performs 2 live demonstrations using Simcenter Amesim, the system simulation solution of the Simcenter portfolio, in order to:

  • Perform hybrid machine architecture design selection
  • Simply initiate battery design importing test data or datasheet
simenter amesim heavy
 equipment electrification

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(1) Are Off-Highway Equipment and Heavy-Duty Trucks Going All-Electric Soon? Machine design magazine:

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