Blinded by the Obvious

We can all be blinded by the obvious.  T he number of Dilbert cartoons on the topic is great evidence for how often it happens to all of us.

This has been on m…

polymer extrusion webinar

The missing tool in polymer extrusion? One word: Simulation

“One word: plastics” is no longer good advice. Let’s use “one word: simulation” instead.

Well control equipment: Metal hat, Fireproof coveralls… CFD

In the Oil & Gas industry, the integration of possible risk linked with well control — such as subsea plume, atmospheric dispersion, fire and explosion — is critical for minimizing impact on the …

Ener Consulting automates simulation of pressure vessels in conformity with international standards

Ener Consulting, founded in 2002 with headquarters in Prato, Italy, offers engineering consulting to industrial customers. One of the core services offered is the verification of pressure equipment, …

Neural networks & digital twins change the O&M in the wind industry

Today wind power represents 4.4% of the total generated power. By 2030, this is to increase up to 20%. The challenges for wind turbine manufacturers are wide-ranging: the aerodynamic performance of t…

The fastest chemistry solver on the CFD market?!

Designing next generation combustion systems is a true challenge today, with stricter and stricter emission regulations, competitive pressure to deliver shorter time-to-market to stay ahead of compet…

Cementing the future of rotary kilns through simulation and intelligent design exploration

On a recent trail run along the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains near my home, I ran alongside the beautiful Lexington Reservoir. Curious to learn about why and when the reservoir was constructe…

Not in my backyard! How annoying is wind turbine noise?

Although everybody is in favor of clean and green energy, turbines are perceived as a noise polutor, but is this really so? Learn more here.

Durability testing

All about durability testing and engineering at your fingertips

Learn about durability testing and engineering from the basics. Understand fundamental behaviors of a system and its components to avoid product failure.