Engineer INNOVATION Issue 2!

By NatashaAntunes

‘A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers’ – Plato

From Trek to Hyundai, Airbus to ZF Wind Power, this issue is packed with customers showing how the digital twin provides them with, not just the numbers, but also the knowledge to make better design decisions.

The numbers are difficult to argue with – Trek reducing simulation time from six hours to just 22 minutes and Hyundai reducing their test commitment by 40% – but it isn’t everything.  Knowledge is power and Simcenter gives you the ability to acquire that insight, demonstrated by you the simulation and test experts in this magazine.

In Issue 2:

    • Cordesa: The cost of corrosion
    • Opel: Frontloading CFD in the thermal management of an automotive headlight
    • ZF Wind Power: Harnessing the power of the wind
    • Electra Meccanica: Electric Automotive manufacturer uses Simcenter and NX
    • Trek Bicycle: Design space exploration
    • Airbus Helicopter
    • Hyundai Motor Company
    • Volvo Trucks
    • How to…assess the aircraft cabin cooling sizing
    • Geek Hub: frying and egg on a CPU

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