Ener Consulting automates simulation of pressure vessels in conformity with international standards

By AlRobertson

Ener Consulting, founded in 2002 with headquarters in Prato, Italy, offers engineering consulting to industrial customers. One of the core services offered is the verification of pressure equipment, exchangers, piping and vessels in the oil and gas, power and chemical industries.

The design of pressure equipment has evolved over time, from the ‘90s where FEA was regulated by loose standards and virtually all verifications were based on manual calculations, to the present day where more advanced analyses are required with adherence to standards.

Ener Consulting identified Femap with NX Nastran as the desired solution for implementing engineering analysis and design services and keeping up with the requirements of the target markets. In particular, Ener Consulting engineers use a nonlinear approach for the structural verification of pressure vessels as the more conventional linear static analysis approach, while easier to apply, is more conservative.


Read the full case study to find out more about how Ener Consulting users Siemens PLM Software’s simulation solutions to automate pressure vessel analyses.

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