Vehicle durability testing with SimRod

SimRod experience: From Belgian blocks to vehicle durability testing

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Keeping vehicle ADAS clean in harsh operating conditions

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Simcenter SimRod

SimRod experience: Why is this tonal noise so annoying in ECO mode?

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Go beyond classic vehicle dynamics approaches

Objectively quantify body rigidity design changes

Deploying a body target setting process for handling performance requires objective quantification of body rigidity design changes on body and vehicle level. Read on and discover how to define critical body properties and relate objective measures to subjective driver feeling or perception. …

Tire modeling for getting a grip on vehicle dynamics

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How Faurecia builds clean and long-lasting exhaust systems

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Daimler: Digital twins in durability for the ‘best cars in the world’

Daimler cars are said to be the best in the world, also with regards to durability engineering. And no doubt they are. Saying is one thing, but accomplishing this is quite something else. How did the……


Silencing traffic noise with pass-by noise engineering

Read about noise reduction laws and how pass-by noise engineering can help achieving these noise goals. Also find a link to the free on-demand webinar….