Kettering University reduces undesired EV motor noise

Kettering University reduces undesired EV motor noise
In today’s automotive industry, it is apparent that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of mobility. Internal combustion is out. As a r…

Simcenter SimRod

Good digital twins don’t lie

Digital twin offers the ability to double check the digitalized world in reality. Siemens Simcetner features this concept by creating a real example.

Vibration control testing for electric cars

Read about the different vibration control techniques for electric cars offered by Simcenter… and learn a thing or two about rock ‘n roll.

Toyota Corolla: perspectives for the world’s most popular car (Part 2)

Few weeks ago, we went through   technological evolutions that led to the success of the Toyota Corolla.
In this   follow-up post, we propose to switch from a retrospective …

Going electric or how to get rid of range anxiety

Electrification is in the air and is everywhere. There’s not a week we don’t hear about a carmaker getting public about a new electric vehicle within a specific segment. If the electrification trend …

The most aerodynamic car designed with Siemens software (Webinar)

CRONUZ EV from Applus IDIADA simulated in Simcenter STAR-CCM+
Register here to attend the webinar from Applus IDIADA

Wanna save some energy?

In the high-speed rollercoaster of automotive engineering today, one thing is about as certain as taxes: energy efficiency will remain a top priority for all OEMs venturing to stay in the race. No ma…

Be the fittest for the electrification race

The global automotive and transportation industry is now embracing vehicle electrification. The latest announcement of Volkswagen to electrify all 12 brands by 2030 just confirmed this movement and s…

The Psychology of NVH

Just over a fortnight ago, I was at the 88 th Geneva International Motor Show.
Upon entering hall 2, which is elevated so you have a nice view over halls 3, 4 and 5, I couldn’t help but notice the…