Realize Live

Realize LIVE: Less razzle, but still plenty of dazzle

Realize LIVE kicked off today, not with the excitement and razzmatazz of Las Vegas but packed full of first-hand stories of success….

Can this little turbo-expander help save the planet?

A small British start-up uses cutting-edge engineering in air cycle refrigeration to improve engine efficiency…

Meet Siemens at NAFEMS CAASE20

Throughout the year, engineers at Siemens work with our customers and partners to deliver improved, more robust simulation software that will help users deliver innovations faster and with greater confidence. We are looking forward to sharing these new technologies with you at CAASE20….

Chengdu: building China’s Auto Silicon Valley

Construction of the automotive AV/EV Engineering Center in Chengdu has started. Check out here how Simcenter Engineering will deliver and operate several key application-oriented demonstrations and testing facilities to help build China’s Auto Silicon Valley….

How can the marine industry make Greta proud?

As the marine industry faces increasing economic and environmental pressure to evolve how can you future-proof your business for sustainable growth? …

The 2020 Geneva International Motor Show is cancelled. But don’t worry — just like Simcenter — there is a digital twin!

As some of you know, I am a big fan of the Geneva International Motor…

turbine blades

Digital gas turbine design: B&B-AGEMA’s virtual test rig

“We want to work out how it will work in the field, before it is in the field”…

Embrace the digital twin in manufacturing: Deliver performance, reliability and efficiency

Embracing the digital twin approach in manufacturing is no longer some far-flung promise. Gartner, in…

Quad of Solace – Siemens leading the pack of quad surface meshers!

Siemens Team wins the Meshing Maestro Award at prestigious IMR competition  How do you solve…