Executable Digital Twin (xDT) – Part 6

By Ian McGann

xDT is moving fast…

The Digital Twin and Heavy Equipment


So I recently sat down and had a conversation with a fantastic team at CIMdata. What was exciting about this conversation is how quickly they picked up on the technology. These are really smart people, with a lot of industrial experience and they quickly grasped the fundamentals of an Executable Digital Twin. From there the conversation took on its own life and evolved into the potential. You can read a quick highlight about our discussion here.

CIMdata highlight

In addition to the above highlight by CIMdata, my colleague, Virginie Maillard and I will be speaking at a webinar this Thursday 30th of September. We are going to talk about artificial intelligence and the Executable Digital Twin. Siemens has been working on over 50 use cases and Virginie and I will present a few of them during this live webinar. webinar link

xDT for Heavy Equipment Industry

Unfortunately another colleague, Dr. Kai Wurm is not able to make this live session with But I did have a chance to sit down with him and record our interview. Kai is a brilliant Principle Expert for the Future Automation group at Siemens Technologies. He has been working on the next generation technologies for automated systems and this interview focuses on how that technology has been used for Heavy Equipment.

The Interview

Autonomous Systems and their use in Heavy Equipment

Our Experts

Virginie Maillard has headed the global research activities in Simulation and Digital Twin of Siemens Technology since June 2018. She works at the Siemens Technology office of Princeton, NJ, and leads teams in Germany, India and China. In May 2019, she was also appointed Head of Siemens Technology for US, leading the entire scope of research in US. Maillard earned her engineer and MSc degrees in mechanical engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon (INSA Lyon) in France.

Dr. Kai Wurm has 18+ years of experience in advanced robotics and software development. He joined Siemens in 2012 and managed large, international research projects, studying how autonomous systems will impact the factories of tomorrow. Kai holds a PhD in Computer Science and Robotics from the University of Freiburg Germany.

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