Executable Digital Twin (xDT) – Part 3

By Ian McGann

Reduced Order Modelling (ROM)

As the journey continues, a new episode towards the discovery of xDT. My latest interview is with Bruno Lecointre. Bruno is a product line manager working on our reduced order modelling technology within the Simcenter Amesim product family. I found this interview really exciting, as Bruno has just launched a new product called the ROM builder and during the interview you will get a sneak peek of the tool. If you have followed the previous interviews, you’ll know that reduce order modelling is a key technology we are using to create executable digital twins and a true enabler for the Digital Twins of the future.  But I prefer to let the expert talk, answer some questions and even give us a live demo…

The Interview

xDT – ROM Builder – Interview with Bruno Lecointre

What’s more exciting is the timing of this blog, as it comes at the same time as our Realize LIVE conference. If my interview leaves you wanting to know more about this exciting technology, go check out Realize LIVE.


Up next

So we have talked about the creation of xDT’s with Tommaso Tamarozzi in Part 2 and the ROM Builder with Bruno above. Next up is how we validate, deploy and manage xDTs. I have a few interviews lined up already with Mr. Srininvas Raju on the deployment and management and Dr. Roland Pastorino on how we can easily validate and xDT. So stay tuned.

Our Expert

Bruno Lecointre is based in Lyon, France. He currently serves as a product line manager within the Simcenter Amesim group of Simulation and Test Solutions segment. Bruno started working with the company in 2002 as a research engineer in powertrain and chassis controls for the automotive sector. After 6 years, he joined our engineering services as a team leader for control applications. In 2018 he moved to product development and worked on many projects, the latest being the ROM Builder.

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