[Full Video] Simcenter SCADAS RS: Rugged data acquisition system for testing

YT premiere SCADAS RS image alone

Watch the full video presentation introducing Simcenter SCADAS RS, the brand-new rugged data acquisition and multi-physics measurement system, designed with the challenges of testing under extreme conditions in mind.

It is a powerful and precise measurement system with a very rugged design, featuring extreme flexibility in mounting, and a superior measurement performance. It includes unparalleled connectivity through PC’s, tablets and smart phones, over wired, wireless and cellular networks.

The Simcenter SCADAS RS is a robust solution beneficial to industries such as the Heavy Equipment industry and the Automotive industry.

In the premiere, our experts will cover the following topics:

  • Real-life use for rugged data acquisition systems in the different industries
  • Typical challenges engineers encounter during harsh environment test campaigns
  • How to tackle these challenges with the new Simcenter SCADAS RS
  • Why its rugged and resistant design is so important
  • Showcase its extreme flexibility in mounting and different possible configurations
  • How the system offers superior measurement performance
  • Explore its unparalleled connectivity on and off the field

Watch the full video presentation below:

Join our experts while they explore some of the endless possibilities in detail, with examples of real-life usage, typical challenges and how to tackle them with our new rugged data acquisition system Simcenter SCADAS RS.