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V8 on my mind

Memories of a n ICE guy

Diesel is just not a proper propulsion system at all, downsizing is a crime, and anyways, no direct injection engine is a real engine, it has to be naturally aspirated…or do I recall that wrong?

Preventable Electric Motor Failure with Simcenter SPEED

Overloading a motor is a preventable failure that can be avoided with rapid electric machine design software such as Simcenter SPEED.

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4

Engineer INNOVATION Issue 4!

Violins, pool and marathon running. Keen on a game of pool?  Enjoy listening to a finely tuned violin?  Marvelled at…

Ready for the automotive revolution with Simcenter Amesim?

Whether your challenges are related to internal combustion engine systems or to electric vehicles, our Simcenter System Simulation solutions can help you addressing the complexity of smart, automated…

Simcenter SPEED 2019.2

Simcenter SPEED 2019.2 is now available for download. For this release, developments and new features focus on bringing more robustness, fidelity and improved user experience. So let’s review what’s …

Simcenter Motorsolve Now Exports to Simcenter Amesim

As systems become more electrified, designers are required to ensure compliance of electric drive systems in terms of electromagnetic, thermal, noise, vibration, and structural analysis. Simcenter in…

“And the Best Technical Paper award goes to … ”

Two weeks ago, at the Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT) in Pune, India, Simcenter won awards for Best Technical Paper. Not one award, but two!
The SIAT conference i…

Simcenter SPEED – Rapid electric machine design software

As medias and governments are pushing for ‘Electrification’ as a global hype solution against Global Warming… industry players have to quickly embrace this pushed revolution nobody can ignore anymo…