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Webinars of the month – April 2016

Focus on your engineering skills by using system simulation
On-demand webinar
Model, simulate and analyze multi-domain systems is becoming a valuable asset to gain time….

Sneak preview: New application software announced for LMS Soundbrush

Even better acoustic troubleshooting and sound source localization with new, easy-to-use app.
As most of you know already, LMS Soundbrush is the only 3D, real-time testing solution that co…

Top 4 Challenges to Railway CAE and How to Solve Them

If you are a CAE expert for the railway industry, chances are the challenges we will cover today are ones you and your team face every day. What if you could make the most difficult parts of your job…

How can you streamline your plotting experience in Simcenter Amesim?

Everyone knows how easy-to-use plotting facilities are in Simcenter Amesim: you can just drag and drop your variables on the sketch, and the plot window is automatically created.
Just take…


Road Load Data Acquisition with Gert Frans

Gert Frans works in the durability testing team for Siemens PLM Software. He knows a thing or two about durability engineering, so we thought we might share some of his knowledge with you. Here he …

Webinars of the month – March 2016

Fundamentals of vibration and modal analysis
On-demand webinar
Vibration can be experienced in the daily use of your product. That’s why you need to know how much the vi…

Call for Participation Now Open for #PLMConx

Call for Participation Now Open for #PLMConx

Siemens PLM Connection Americas, hosted by PLM World, is the largest conference of its kind. This annual event features 7 connections with tracks ranging from one to four days.
Siemens PLM Connecti…

Kicking off the Femap Symposia Series 2016 in Southern California

Kicking off the Femap Symposia Series 2016 in Southern California

The first two Femap Symposia events took place in Southern California last week (Tuesday in San Diego and Thursday in Cypress) and were co-hosted with Siemens channel partner, ATA Engineering Inc. Th…

A VW fan muses on the impact of the scandal

I just got the letter today. My beloved VW Golf BlueMotion station wagon has to go for the software fix. I have to admit I am a bit disappointed in VW and not really looking forward to another thing …