Webinars of the month – July 2017

Introduction to Vehicle NVH and Acoustics
On-demand webinar
The pressures on NVH engineering are constantly increasing. While legislation and regulation tightens, the automotive indus……


Silencing traffic noise with pass-by noise engineering

Read about noise reduction laws and how pass-by noise engineering can help achieving these noise goals. Also find a link to the free on-demand webinar….

Listen … here goes an electric vehicle

Although electric vehicles are significantly quieter than vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE), they bring their own noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) challenges. Not only is their hi……

On-demand webinar – System simulation for aerospace

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Environmental and regulatory constraints as well as fierce international competition are putting the aerospace industry under high pressure. ……

Basics of model-based systems engineering

If you are a design engineer, you have heard over and over again that model-based systems engineering (MBSE) brings multiple advantages, such as reduced design costs and time-to-market, bet……

Webinars of the month – June 2017

Introduction to the fundamentals of model-based systems engineering
We invite you to attend this on-demand webinar which covers the fundamental concepts of model-based systems engineeri……

Design by Experience or Data?

Product design is an innovative process. Churning out truly original designs requires visionary insight, out-of-the box thinking, and more importantly experience. Yes, a lot of experience. On the oth……

Webinars of the month – May 2017

Introduction to the fundamentals of acoustic engineering
On-demand webinar
This presentation gives you an introduction to the theory of the fundamentals of acoustics, considered in t……

Webinars of the month – April 2017

Simulating full vehicle exterior acoustics
On-demand webinar
As automotive pass-by noise legislation is becoming severe, the industry looks to further reduce noise sources, from e.g. ……