Accurately evaluate your vehicle architecture

By Adele Dolique

All means of transport are getting electrified: bikes, public transport, and even skateboards. Trends and innovations are shaking the automotive world up and bring this word “electric” on all car maker’s lips and bring more complexity in vehicle design and performance prediction. One of the engineering challenge which results of this context today when designing an electrified vehicle is to check the powertrain capability to fulfill the vehicle performance specifications, and find the right balance between performances, range and comfort.balancing-SiemensPLM_System_Simulation-Vehicle-Energy-Management-presentation.pptx - Power.png

Modeling accurately an electrified vehicle and assess its energy consumption at early stage of the development cycle is challenging in many ways. It requires new competences in the engineering teams and a lot of data. It is fundamental to assess the impact of technology implemented such as powertrain electrification, engine control, direct electric drive, and batteries … on key attributes of the vehicle meaning performance, drivability, range, real driving emissions, reliability or NVH as soon as possible in the design cycle.

At Siemens PLM we propose the tools, services and methodologies that let you focus on your engineering problem and solve it with the available data. In that case, system simulation can be the critical answer to your expectations. The use of our solution Simcenter Amesim allows you to:

  • Figure out the best architectures and designs even at early stage relying on objective criteria

  • Go from compromise between 2 attributes to real multi-attribute balancing

  • Accelerate the design transition from certification cycles to Real Driving Emission

  • Identify individual energy losses contributions in a complex system

  • Safely migrate design workflow, from physical to virtual tests, front loading decisions

  • Investigate innovative energy recovery system without physical prototype


You are eager to know more? Join us for a 30-minutes on-demand webinar where Thomas Desbarats demonstrates how system simulation will help you accelerate your design through practical examples, and give a focus on the design and assessment of model performance and energy consumption of a Tesla Model S – out of public data – using our system simulation tool, Simcenter Amesim.

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