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The maritime industry is looking at electrification – stay plugged in!

The maritime industry is challenged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. For vessels operating close to the shore, electrification is definitely a possibility. But how can you ensure a full integration when making an electric or hybrid vessel?

Clearances in gas turbines: the remarkable difference 1mm can make

I was thinking about clearances in gas turbines and I likened it to a close shave – you want it…

Rotating Machinery: How Simulation can help SMEs to design efficient pumps, fans or compressors faster

We are surrounded by rotating machinery. Pumps, fans, compressors or turbines can literally be found everywhere: In cars – air…

Enhancing pharmaceutical process design with simulation 

How digitalization is transforming pharmaceutical scale-up from lab to production  The pharmaceutical industry has always been a challenging business due…

Master the art of cabin comfort with 3D-CFD in system simulations and control development

Introduction Ensuring thermal cabin comfort and safety inside vehicle and aircraft cabins is a crucial aspect of modern development, significantly…

The moon, with a launching platform and other necessary infrastructure to help further explore our own solar system.

Reaching for the stars: Top 10 insights from Tom Stoumbos on space exploration

Recently, on the Engineer Innovation podcast, Tom Stoumbos, Director of Engineering at Northrop Grumman, shared his insights on why space exploration is both difficult and exhilarating.

Entropy made my room untidy

How entropy made my house untidy

I am writing this blog in a messy office, in a messy house. But of course, none of this is my fault. As any competent engineer will tell you, the blame rests squarely with entropy.

Wandercraft users walking through Paris

Wandercraft exoskeletons empower wheelchair users to walk

Learn how Simcenter Madymo helps Wandercraft get wheelchair users to walk.

“Honey, I’ve done the laundry” – Master 9 household chores like a CFD simulation pro

Hands on heart, who loves doing the household chores? Well, I thought so! So rather than getting all to hectic, let’s tackle a few household chores the CFDish way first.