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Working From Home

10 Tips for Working from Home

I’ve been “remotely located” since 1999 so I’m an old hand at working from home. Let me give you some tips on the subject….

Solid Edge COVID-19 Resources - Working From Home, And More

Solid Edge COVID-19 Response Resources

Given the current global climate surrounding COVID-19, we are happy to help you by providing several options for accessing Solid Edge at home or remotely….

Plastics Component Manufacturing - Blog Banner

Improving Product Engineering & Manufacturing for Plastic Components

Plastic part makers face uncertainty over trade deals, supply chains, and environmental concerns. Implementing Solid Edge can help address some of these concerns….

Digitalization & Automation Help Dieseko Group Support Rapid Innovation

Dieseko Group is the worldwide leading developer, manufacturer and provider of hydraulic foundation equipment. Worldwide,…

7 Tips to Increase Engineering Productivity with CFD

Increase Engineering Productivity with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Frontloading CFD, moving simulation early into the design process, helps your engineers examine trends early and eliminate undesirable design options before change becomes expensive. …

Reference Keys in Solid Edge

Storing the Roadmap of an Object using Solid Edge API

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to store a roadmap of an object using the ReferenceKey automation in Solid Edge to access the same object across different sessions….

Press and Drag Commands in Solid Edge – Part 6

Compiled by Tushar Suradkar In this concluding part, we look at 50 press and drag…

Modular Plant Design

Webinar: Modular Plant Design in Solid Edge

Modular Plant Design in Solid Edge allows you to find the right mix of configuring modular assemblies and engineering for that last bit of your project that’s still new to the world….

Kimball International

Leading Furniture Manufacturer Embraces Digital Transformation

Kimball International, a design and manufacturing company with decades of success, relies on Solid Edge to create furniture products that push the boundaries of innovation….