Overcoming modern design and manufacturing challenges with solution integration

By Kyzmen Wood

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the pressures on design and manufacturing teams have never been greater. Companies are tasked with delivering increasingly complex products at unprecedented speeds while maintaining high quality and controlling costs. Navigating this terrain requires not only innovative tools but also an integrated approach that connects design, engineering, and manufacturing processes seamlessly.

To help address the complexities and challenges of modern product development, we’ve recently introduced an all-new Design and Manufacturing Bundle — a powerful combination of Siemens technologies designed to streamline your design and manufacturing processes.

Why choose the Design and Manufacturing Bundle?

With this bundle, you can shorten your time-to-market and enhance operational efficiency. Whether you’re an existing Siemens customer or looking for the right new technologies to take your design and manufacturing processes to the next level, our Design and Manufacturing Bundle provides a right-sized package to help significantly boost productivity, innovation, and cost savings across your entire product development process.

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Key benefits of integrated design and manufacturing

Explore the unmatched capabilities of our bundle to give your team a competitive edge. From seamless 3D design and 2D CAD to efficient shop floor management, here’s how we can help:

Mechanical design

Solid Edge transforms the way you approach design, providing a dynamic environment where you can quickly move from initial concepts to detailed, fully realized products. Its powerful 3D CAD tools enable rapid creation and modification of designs, allowing for agile responses to changing project demands. Whether you’re working on complex assemblies or intricate parts, an intuitive interface simplifies the design process, making it easy to incorporate detailed surfacing and photorealistic rendering. This means you can visualize and validate your ideas early, reducing the need for costly revisions down the line.


Ensure your designs are robust and ready for production with built-in simulation capabilities in Solid Edge. Conducting detailed analysis on parts and sheet metal components allows you to assess their performance under operational stresses. Basic motion simulation helps design engineers understand how assemblies interact and move, highlighting potential mechanical issues before they reach the manufacturing stage. By identifying and resolving problems early in the design process, you can significantly reduce the risk of expensive errors and enhance product reliability.

2D drafting

Producing precise and compliant 2D documentation is crucial for effective communication and manufacturing. Solid Edge streamlines this process with powerful drafting tools that support detailed layouts, diagramming, and annotation. Its automated dimensioning ensures your drawings meet international standards, facilitating clear and consistent documentation across global teams. Whether you’re creating detailed part drawings or complex schematics, Solid Edge simplifies the task, helping you maintain high standards of accuracy and clarity in your technical documentation.

Manufacturing management

Optimizing your manufacturing operations is key to staying competitive. Zel X provides a comprehensive view of tasks and activities across your shop floor, enhancing operational efficiency. From planning and execution to tracking and reporting, Zel X gives you real-time insights into the status of manufacturing processes at both the operator level and across the entire production floor. This holistic approach to manufacturing management helps you streamline operations, reduce bottlenecks, and ensure that every aspect of production runs smoothly.

CAD file management

Managing CAD data effectively is essential for maintaining design integrity and project continuity. Solid Edge simplifies this with robust file management tools that support easy setup, revision control, and multi-CAD data editing. Whether you’re handling complex assemblies or integrating files from different CAD systems, Solid Edge ensures seamless data management and compatibility. This allows your team to focus on design and innovation, knowing that data is both secure and easily accessible.

Cloud-based collaboration

In today’s connected world, effective collaboration is more important than ever. Teamcenter Share facilitates secure, real-time collaboration on design and engineering projects, regardless of team location. Share data, provide feedback, and discuss project updates with colleagues, partners, and customers from any device. This cloud-based platform enhances communication and coordination, enabling your team to work together seamlessly, accelerate decision-making, and drive projects to successful completion.

Quote handling and RFQ automation

Streamline your procurement processes with automated Request for Quote (RFQ) capabilities in Zel X. Quickly and efficiently request quotes from suppliers, ensuring you obtain competitive pricing for custom parts and materials. By automating this process, you can reduce administrative burdens, speed up procurement cycles, and secure the best deals, ultimately lowering costs and enhancing your bottom line.

2.5-axis CAM

Maintain the integrity of your designs through to manufacturing with integrated CAM tools in Solid Edge. These capabilities allow you to generate optimized toolpaths that ensure precision and efficiency in machining operations. By keeping design data closely linked with machining processes, you can automate toolpath generation and maintain consistency between design changes and manufacturing, reducing errors and improving quality for the final product.

Reverse engineering

Transform existing physical objects into digital models with powerful reverse engineering tools in Solid Edge. Whether working with 3D scans or importing CAD data, Solid Edge enables you to create accurate digital representations for re-designs or new product development. This capability is particularly valuable for capturing and refining legacy parts or exploring innovative solutions through generative design, helping you leverage existing assets to drive future innovation.

See what’s included

The Design and Manufacturing Bundle includes instant access to an integrated set of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, including Solid Edge Classic for product design and Zel X for manufacturing operations, paired with the power of any-device cloud collaboration capabilities inside of Teamcenter Share.

Solid Edge 3D CAD

Solid Edge provides designers and engineers with a complete portfolio of product development solutions for computer-aided design (CAD), simulation, and data management. Accelerate product design, make revisions faster and improve data reuse with best-in-class sheet metal design, flexible part, subdivision and assembly modeling, reverse engineering and 3D rendering.

Solid Edge Simulation

Reduce the need for physical prototypes and improve product quality with built-in finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities to digitally validate designs prior to manufacturing.

Zel X

Zel X is a flexible, web-based platform for quote management, shop floor planning, and operational execution. Respond to customers quickly, collaborate on quote requests and mock-up design proposals. Plan, execute, track and communicate shop operations — from anywhere, on any device.

Solid Edge 3D CAD

Solid Edge provides designers and engineers with a complete portfolio of product development solutions for computer-aided design (CAD), simulation, and data management. Accelerate product design, make revisions faster and improve data reuse with best-in-class sheet metal design, flexible part, subdivision and assembly modeling, reverse engineering and 3D rendering.

Solid Edge PDM

Simplify CAD data management and seamlessly migrate data from SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor.

Solid Edge 2D Drafting

Create compliant 2D CAD documentation with ease.

Teamcenter Share

Collaborate on design and engineering projects in the cloud. Products across the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio are connected to Teamcenter Share — start collaborating today.

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The harmonious interaction of all system components is crucial – like in an orchestra. Solid Edge is the best business tool for visualization and cooperation with our customers, designers and suppliers.

Thomas Mueller, CTO, Thermoplan

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