New CAM integration for Solid Edge from SolidCAM

By David Chadwick

A leading independent provider of CAM software, SolidCAM has just released its integration with Solid Edge. SolidCAM software is integrated directly inside Solid Edge delivering a seamless user experience and associativity between your Solid Edge CAD models and toolpaths defined in SolidCAM. This new integration adds to existing Solid Edge manufacturing solutions, giving Solid Edge users the ability to select the CAM software that best fits their needs.

SolidCAM’s decision to integrate with leading CAD solutions

Dr. Emil Somekh, SolidCAM’s founder and CEO, announced the new integration at SolidCAM World 2023 in Istanbul. Speaking to an enthusiastic audience of SolidCAM employees, channel partners and technology partners, Dr. Somekh reflected on SolidCAM’s mission. “What are the core values of SolidCAM that led to our success? Certainly, the decision not to develop CAD ourselves, but to integrate with the leading CAD solutions. We have concentrated our R&D effort on taking CAM to the highest level possible, for example by developing our iMachining and our unique multi-channel mill-turn and Swiss solutions.”

Dr. Somekh continued, “The newcomer is Solid Edge, we launched this integration last week. Everything you can do in our other CAD integrations you can do in Solid Edge. By being integrated, our customers can leverage the ease-of-use and power of Solid Edge.”

New SolidCAM integration with Solid Edge

Some key capabilities of the new integration include:

  • All CAM machining operations can be defined, calculated, and verified without leaving Solid Edge
  • Full associativity: toolpaths are automatically updated when the Solid Edge model is changed
  • Fixtures, tooling, and vices can be designed quickly in Solid Edge and used directly with SolidCAM
  • Access to SolidCAM’s patented iMachining high speed milling technology that creates significantly faster and safe CAM programs to machine parts with first part success, while maximizing tool life
SolidCAM is integrated directly inside Solid Edge for excellent ease-of-use and associativity

Combining Additive Manufacturing and Machining

One area that SolidCAM drew attention to at their event are the possibilities for combining 3D Metal Printing with CNC Machining. Manufacturers can 3D Print components using sintered metal technology creating “near-net target stock” components. They can post-process these components to exact specification using SolidCAM. Advantages of this approach include the ability to create very complex geometry, and to create geometry that is impossible to machine including internal passages, infills and undercuts.

Combining 3D Printing and CNC machining has great potential for manufacturing complex, high- precision components

You can find out more about SolidCAM and their global network of affiliates and channel partners on their website.

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