Increase speed and improve quality of part manufacturing simultaneously

One of the best ways to always meet and exceed you customers expectations is to have a software that is capable of meeting those needs. Learn more about industry trends in this webinar with Jim Wright.

Students using Solid Edge CAD software

Problem solving vs. finding answers starts in high school

Engineering has been a major in universities for centuries, but for as long as humans have been on Earth, we…

Conference attendee taking a photo on their smartphone above the crowd

Realize LIVE 2022 Preview: Featured sessions, customer perks, and more

Join the transformation to co-create a better world. This is our moment to come together and co-create a sustainable future — driven by business value, human-centered innovation and the commitment of the global Siemens user community to make the impossible a reality.

Live Webinar: Boost your solutions with Solid Edge OEM like Prima Power

Productivity and efficiency are key drivers for many manufacturing companies, especially when they need to provide these aspects to their…

5 best practices for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation

Focus on the best practices for enhancing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with our latest eBook covering five industry tips to follow.

Solid Edge User Meet India 2022.1 Recap

Last February, the Solid Edge team here at Siemens Digital Industries Software organized one of our periodically “user meets”. I…

Charging innovation powers the future of EVs

The market for electric vehicles is growing fast but finding efficient ways to “refuel” these vehicles will rely on building new infrastructure.

Designing precision fabricated products at Mezco Fabrication

I met with Bryan Lagrange from Mezco Fabrication recently at our offices in Huntsville. Bryan has been a long-term user…

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How to get 50% off Solid Edge electrical design software

CAE simulation tools for everyone, from basic digital validation and finite element analysis to fully embedded CFD – 50% off for a limited time only.