Configuring inspection reports with Solid Edge Inspector

Inspection reports are an important step in the manufacturing process, ensuring that products are made to the correct specifications and…

Configuring balloons with Solid Edge Inspector

Ballooning and characteristic generation are the first steps in the inspection planning process. Solid Edge Inspector solution balloons the dimensions…

Solid Edge - user meet 2024.1

Solid Edge User Meet India 2024.1 Recap: Simulation and Generative Design

We had the privilege of participating in the recent Solid Edge User Meet 2024-1, which took place virtually on Friday,…

Exploring Technology and Innovations: Siemens joins forces with the University of Birmingham for the Birmingham Project

In June, the University of Birmingham’s Careers Network hosted the Birmingham Project, inviting Siemens to support the “Exploring Technology and…

Dennis Santos, 7 Days of Solid Edge

7 Days Learning Solid Edge

Who am I? I am Dennis Santos, and I was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I have a background in…

Siemens Solid Edge Bootcamp: Empowering future talents by forcing them to go beyond their boundaries

Siemens is always keen to support both students and academic initiatives. That’s why the Mainstream Academic team within Siemens Digital…

P&ID Webinar Image

Streamlining your P&ID workflow process with Modular Plant Design

The ability to create piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) accurately and rapidly is crucial for meeting company and international quality standards. In this ever-changing environment, companies need complete traceability when moving 2D P&ID design into a comprehensive 3D model of a process plant.

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Complex CAD assembly modeling made easy: Expert-approved tutorials and techniques

Learn proven CAD techniques and best practices for modeling complex assemblies of any size in this video series by expert CAD blogger Matt Lombard.

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How to participate in Solid Edge ‘Ask The Expert’ Days

Do you have a burning question you want answered? Log into the Siemens Community forums the second Wednesday of every month to get a real time response from Solid Edge experts.