This webinar focuses on how industrial machinery manufacturers and suppliers can take advantage of technology innovation in manufacturing processes right now.

Live Webinar: Managing Change in the Industrial Machinery Business

Register for our Technology Innovation in Manufacturing Processes live webinar for helpful tips and best practices for industrial machinery manufacturers and suppliers. …

Solid Edge, Innovation & Las Vegas: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Solid Edge Realize LIVE: Call for Presenters Share your Solid Edge knowledge and product insights…

Star of Galaxy by INNGAGE wins 2019 Samsung Design Contest

INNGAGE wins 2019 Samsung Design Contest with ‘Star of Galaxy’

INNGAGE has received the grand prize in the Next Mobile + category with its Star of Galaxy, a robotic arm that turns any Samsung Galaxy device into an AI-powered countertop virtual assistant through Bixby integration….

Momentum Vans: The Wright Family

Startup Spotlight: Momentum Vans

Momentum Vans, an American family-owned van conversion company, uses Solid Edge to convert Mercedes cargo vans into custom adventure camping vehicles….

Solid Edge 2020 Scanned Model in Assembly

Transform Product Development with Solid Edge 2020

New features in Solid Edge 2020 like augmented reality, model-based definition and 2D nesting enable collaboration and complete design-to-manufacturing in product development….

Reaktor Space Labs

Startup Spotlight: Reaktor Space Lab

Reaktor Space Labs, a Finland-based space engineering company, uses Solid Edge to launch the next generation of advanced nano-satellites into orbit….