Introducing Solid Edge 2024

By Akos Owusu-Korkor

Now available as of October 11, Solid Edge 2024 from Siemens Digital Industries Software gives you the product development tools you need to unleash the power of intelligent product design. Solid Edge 2024 empowers users to design more intelligently across every aspect of product development. With a continued focus on the user experience and large assembly performance, Solid Edge 2024 introduces functionalities and enhancements to automate and speed design as well as collaboration.

“With Solid Edge 2024 we continue to focus on areas that our customers value most, including automating and streamlining design tasks, raising the bar on large assembly performance, and providing secure, cloud-based collaboration for distributed teams,” said John Miller, Senior Vice President at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “An integral part of the comprehensive Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, Solid Edge is a great entry point for small- and medium-sized manufacturers with many ways to access different parts of the portfolio as they grow. With our latest release we’re even more tightly integrated with other portfolio products, including NX, Teamcenter, Simcenter and many more.”

What’s New in Solid Edge 2024?

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting new features in Solid Edge 2024.

Instantly visualize, pan, zoom and rotate your largest assemblies — up to 9x faster.

Visualization enhancements create an uncompromised and immersive digital experience, and better model view performance allows you to view and manipulate the largest assemblies without lags, stutters or buffering. New Immersive View Styles put your models in a real-world environment that automatically updates with model movement for more realism.

Share and collaborate from any device.

Solid Edge SaaS subscriptions include modern collaboration in the cloud with Teamcenter Share. Connected to products across the Xcelerator portfolio, Share is a rich set of cloud-based capabilities that enable collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers, from anywhere, on any device. In addition to new productivity enhancements, streamlined integration, increased storage and file support help you improve communication and move your projects forward.

Smarten up your design process with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Get better results, faster, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Solid Edge. When replacing parts in an assembly, new AI assembly relationships intelligently predict and offer valid alternatives. An AI-powered user interface learns your behavior to show you relevant commands in the right context. Synchronous technology’s intelligent modeling capabilities recognize and maintain design intent in real time, even on models coming from other systems. Generative design capabilities also add machine intelligence to concept design, automatically computing geometric solutions from defined constraints.

Bring real-time product configuration direct to customers

The new Solid Edge Design Configurator Connect delivers instant online product configuration, allowing your customers to quickly configure a product that meets their specific requirements. Enhancements in Solid Edge Design Configurator continue to improve your product design with Preconfigured Models that allow you to quickly and easily place intelligent datasets for ladders, conveyers and enclosures directly into your design.

Create dimensioning in a snap with automated assistance and custom templates.

Lower the 3D communication barrier and better convey design intent for downstream manufacturing processes with new Model Based Definition (MBD) capabilities. Automated assistance reduces ambiguity while delivering consistent model dimensioning and annotations, and the improved publishing tools intelligently deliver design information through easily customized templates.

Get faster and more accurate programming with Solid Edge CAM Pro

New AI Assisted Operation Editing introduces a prediction node to guide you through the operation editing process, offering suggestions based on the machining application and your programming style. The Cloud Connect Tool Library is a cloud-based tool manager that allows you to edit and define tools before using them, and 3D Adaptive Roughing automatically enables faster and more efficient material removal.

All of these new features and enhancements in Solid Edge 2024, along with many more, were announced during our live premiere on October 11, 2023 @ 10:00 EDT.

Dan Staples, Vice President of Solid Edge Research and Development at Siemens Digital Industries Software, introduces what’s new in Solid Edge 2024 as part of a live global launch announcement on Wednesday, October 11.

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